Real Simple Vegetarian Spaghetti


Scrounging for a quick lunch or dinner idea? A no-stress supper? This recipe is perfect! It requires just the amount of time it takes to cook the spaghetti. You'll be dishing it up faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

Ingredients                                                                                                                                  Serves: 1
- Handful of Spaghetti ( I usually make an okay sign and fill it) 
- 1 Tbsp Capers
- 2 Frozen spinach chunks / a handful of fresh spinach
- 1/2 Tbsp Olive Oil
- 1 Tbsp Lemon juice
- 1 Tsp Dried origano  
- Handful of fresh parsley, chopped
- Salt and pepper

Step 1 - Place the spaghetti into boiling water and cook

Step 2 - While the spaghetti is cooking, chop up the fresh parsley

Step 3 - Once the spaghetti is almost cooked place the spinach in with it

Step 4 - Drain the spaghetti, add the capers, dried oregano, salt and pepper, olive oil,  half of the fresh parsley & mix

Step 5 - Plate it up, drizzle over the lemon juice & sprinkle the rest of the parsley 

The great thing about this dish is you can mix things up depending on what you have available at the time and your preferences, for example changing the capers for olives or chickpeas or even adding some salami or chorizo slices to satisfy the die-hard meat lover in of you.

Until Next Time,

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